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Any way to make the lights brighter?

Feb 23, 2013 at 12:39 PM
In Krypton, even the brightest part of a strong white light has the same color value as the scene without lighting (or with AmbientColor set to Color.White). But is there any way to keep the current behavior for the overall lighting and make the areas closer to the light source even brighter than the unlit scene?

Here's a quick mockup to clarify better what I mean:

I'd like to achieve something similar to the picture on the right, where the overall lighting works exactly like the picture in the middle but lights also have a brighter halo around them.
I guess I could just draw some half-transparent sprites on them separately, but being able to do it with Krypton (and also provide stronger lighting to the sprites getting near them) would be preferable.

Also, is it possible to draw "black lights" to darken the elements lit by them? Say the overall AmbientColor is blueish, and the character gets near a darker area, what needs to be done to create such a light? Just using Color.Black (or a similarly dark one) doesn't seem to work.